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De-Rose Hinkhouse  Award'sWinner for 2018
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An Anthology of 40 World Religions & Faith Practices
Volumes 1 & 2

The DeRose-Hinkhouse Memorial Awards are given annually to active members of the Religion Communicators Council (RCC) who demonstrate excellence in religious communications and public relations.
The awards are named to honor the late Victor DeRose and the late Paul M. Hinkhouse, leading lithographers in New York City, and longtime friends of the RCC. Both men shared a strong interest in, and concern for, excellence in communications.

My Newest Reviews:

Paula Fellingham November 12, 2018
 Robyn's books are more thoroughly researched, better written, and more easily understood than any comparative religion/faith practice books I've ever seen or heard about. They are MAGNIFICENT! I recommend 20 World Religions and Faith Practices (both volumes) with two enthusiastic thumbs up! THANK YOU, Robyn, for taking the time and effort to give the world such masterpieces.

5 out of 5 Stars       Basic information about each religion and spiritual practice are condensed within the covers of these two most valuable volumes and presented in an easy to understand approach
Maher S. Mahmassani on December 23, 2017
A masterpiece of comparative religions and a must read for everyone! The Search for Peace in Times of Chaos has Basic information about each religion and spiritual practice; condensed within the covers of these two most valuable volumes and presented in an easy to understand approach. Following the same structure for introducing and describing each religion is a most valuable tool for getting familiar with what identifies and characterizes that religion. It is a work of true scholarship and a most important tool of interfaith dialogue and endeavor. In addition to their substantive value in providing the basics concepts which are necessary to capture the essence of each religion and faith, these two volumes serve to bring out the common core values that all these religions share in sufficient clarity to refute all conflicts based on misconstrued religious creeds.
By Maher S. Mahmassani, author of “Islam in Retrospect – Recovering the Message”.

5 out of 5 stars         It's a very useful book for scholarship on world religions
By Amazon Customer on March 5, 2016

Robyn Lebron’s piece “Searching for Spiritual Unity…Can There Be Common Ground?” is an excellent book for those who are invested in religions and interfaith dialogues. The book is written based on internet sources, but it does provide a very in-depth, objective views of world’s 40 prominent faiths. The charts in the beginning and the end of the book are extremely useful for comparison among religions and better understanding of faiths. Robyn has accomplished a very arduous task and presents her scholarly research in a concise and persuasive manner. She categorically rejects the notion that Islam is a violent religion and interprets various verses from Quran and other holy books of Muslims to support her stance that the religion, in fact, is a religion of peace. I am involved in interfaith dialogues for a quite a bit of time and the book has been a major of source of reference for me. I recommend this book for those who seek the truth. 

Podcast August 26, 2018

Interfaith Dialogue and the Gift of Trials

   “Disagree in an agreeable fashion.” That’s one of interfaith author and champion Robyn Lebron’s mantras. She sees the beauty in all faiths and wants to create open, interfaith dialogue to explore that beauty in a spirit of understanding and peace.
   If the golden rule, charity, love – or any other positive philosophy – is on your personal path of growth or spirit, or you are simply curious about the world’s religions, today’s show is for you. Let Robyn’s mission, personal story, and views on trials and suffering inspire your life and search.

American Diversity Report with Deborah Levine

Deborah Levine from
American Diversity Report discusses  with Author and Interfaith Advocate,
Robyn Lebron, the possibilities of find Peace in 2018 and what we can personally do to increase 
that probability.

In these times of Chaos and Divisiveness, we much each try to make a difference.

Listen to a fascinating discussion about what you   can,
to help change the world.

About the Author

Robyn E. Lebron has been actively involved in Interfaith for over ten years. She has written several books on World Religions in an effort to generate peaceful discourse.

The North American Interfaith Network Conference of 2017 was fortunate enough to have Ms Lebron conduct a workshop for the attendees.

Her newest books, "20 World Religions & Faith Practices: The Search for Peace in Times of Chaos, Vol 1 & 2" won the DeRose-Hinkhouse Award, Best in Class Award for Excellence in the Adult Book category from Religious Communicators Council, in April 2018.

In addition to all her other interfaith activities, Ms Lebron also spent eight months writing articles for The United Religions Initiative, North American Region  and The Interfaith Observer in 2018

She has spent the last six years moderating and managing the Interfaith Professionals group on Linkedin; involving over 4700+ members of all different faith practices in viable discussions in an effort to find common ground.

Forty World Religions & Faith Practices

DeRose-Hinkhouse Award Winner for Excellence

DeRose-Hinkhouse Award Winner for Excellence

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